Omg It’s Oil Pulling!! Mouth Rinse

From the line of Omg skin care products comes the new Oil Pulling Mouth Rinse. Original Ayurvedic Practitioners of oil pulling (Gandusha) which is the holding of medicated fluids in the mouth in full quantity for a specific time and then expel it out, used Sesame oil as a way to prevent bleeding gums, decay, dryness of throat, oral malodor, cracked lips and for strengthening the teeth, gums and jaw. In our Western World the most recommended oil to use is Sunflower oil. According to Ayurveda, Sunflower oil is good for you. It is sweet in taste, light to digest and of course, oily in nature. It helps to balance all three doshas. Regular use of oil pulling with Sunflower oil will help also help to increase energy, improve your immune system and promote healthy digestion Ingredients: Sunflower oil infused with , Cinnamon, Myrrh, Scotch Mint Directions: Place up to 1 tablespoon of oil into the mouth and swish for up to 10 minutes. Spit out, Do not swallow. This is to be done prior to eating, drinking and brushing the teeth. Oil Pulling is an aid to good oral hygiene and helps to detoxify/strenghten the teeth, tongue, gums, jaw and oral mucosa. It is not recommended to replace proper dental care. Oil Pulling DOES NOT detoxify the whole body! Packaged in an 8oz Amber glass bottle


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